"Providing expertise to industries such as oil and gas power generation, petro chemicals and many others with pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, operation, personnel training as well as technical manual writing services to ensure you are safely on line and on time with your new construction or turn around."

Kirkland Commissioning Services, Inc.has been formed by engineering professionals from operating, engineering, and service companies.  We believe experience, training, and expertise gained over the years is a marketable commodity.  The energy industry has become global. Many companies are forced to downsize rather than expend the enormous resources required to maintain a large expatriate payroll.  Our company was formed to offer services to the companies that have made us the best in the energy field.  We offer qualified professionals at the work front without the hassle of relocation, burdens and benefits.  Upon completion of the project, the career placement of the displaced individual is non-existant.

Kirkland Commissioning Services, Inc. has assembled operations, instrument, electrical and mechanical professionals from energy related operating, construction and service companies.  Our industry allows engineering companies to engineer their facilities and construction companies to build the facilities.  We offer a company to commission the facilities.

We are prepared to...

  • write project bid proposals
  • write the manuals
  • pre-commission, commission and start-up the facility
  • perform initial operation/maintenance and performance testing
  • train operation and maintenance personnel
  • operate and maintain facility until production is stabilized and all problems are resolved

We will review...

  • P & ID's
  • engineering
  • safety procedures
  • hydro-test procedures and packages
  • flushing and cleaning procedures
  • leak test and inerting procedures

Mechanical completion of a facility to normal operations can be attained in an accelerated mode--if professionally handled. We are professionals. Listed below are the types and average years of work experience:

                    20 years - Operation

17 years - I & E

24 years - Mechanic

15 years - Engineer

10 years - Scheduler

26 years - Trainers

20 years - Tech Writer

25 years - Manager

If this seems like a wide scope of activities, you're right.  Considering what it takes to move a facility from a construction site to a production facility, employing people that are familiar with hard work and pride of worksmanship is essential.

KCS, Inc. will take on the entire responsibility of commissioning a project, or mainstream within your team.  Our preferred mode of operation is to perform the entire commissioning function of the facility or portion of the facility. We realize the capital outlay and perspective loss of production causes tremendous pressure to commission facilities with normal operations personnel.  We recommend the normal operations personnel involvement in start-up and initial operations for a different reason.  Exposure to shooting techniques in the start-up and initial operations phase of a project are invaluable learning tools.  When the normal operations personnel are exposed to these problems and see them solved by our team they become more confident with their plant and the learning curve for their facility is shortened.

Our personnel are equipped with knowledge gained through years of pro-active experience on various projects.  Our project execution plan involves submitting a perspective Project Commissioning Manager or a selection of candidates as you like.  At KCS, Inc., all our personnel resources and Team Manager for consultation, even if they are not assigned to your project.  When you decide to let KCS, Inc. work for you, you do not get one person or team.  You get all the expertise our company can glean to insure your project is successful.

KCS, Inc. is unique because we are not in the personnel business.  Your input ot the project is custom designed to meet your needs.  We will perform the technical writing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and/or operations-maintenance duties of your project or facility with minimal direction from your personnel, or we can take our direction from your supervision.

Our experienced engineering, operations and maintenance personnel are ready to assist your company to bring your facility on line, on time.

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