"Non intrusive thermographic surveys to enhance predictive/preventive maintenance systems as well as to increase overall safety of plants, processes, hospitals, and large buildings by ensuring reliability and integrity of both electrical and mechanical systems."

Kirkland Infrared Services, a division of Kirkland Energy Services, Inc., was formed to provide the energy and process related industries with superior infrared thermographic services.  Infrared thermography helps us locate potential failures in electrical, mechanical and steam systems while confirming the quality of your existing system's operating capability.  

Thermal imaging systems detect these problems in their early stages, before failure occurs reducing accidents, personal injury, risk of fire, costly downtime and property damage. Infrared inspection is one of the most cost-effective tools available today. The cost of a thorough Infrared inspection by a professional Thermographer can be justified many times over by the elimination of just one failure.

KIS will provide infrared thermographic survey of your facility.  The survey is performed while a system is operating and is non-intrusive.  This means no contact with equipment, no downtime, little or no preparation, and difficult and dangerours locations can be inspected from a distance, keeping safety the prime concern.  Our Infrared Technitian does not remove covers or components; their expertise is in the area of Infrared.  Your facility personnel provide the labor to remove and replace all covers, panels, enclosures, doors, etc.  We do ask that someone accompany us at all times during the survey.
An Infrared imaging system basically consists of a camera that remotely picks up the infrared energy emitted from an object, then converts it into an image. This camera is sensitive to temperature variance of one-tenth degree Fahrenheit. This image may be recorded on videotape, PC card or floppy disk so that a detailed report can be generated.
An Infrared thermographic survey is an integral component in a comprehensive predictive/preventative maintenance plan. Used before a scheduled maintenance shutdown it can identify problem areas requiring additional parts that may have to be ordered in advance thus eliminating unnecessary down time. Increased temperatures frequently accompany equipment failures in an industrial/commercial facility. Infrared thermal imaging systems can detect this rise in temperature and therefore can be applied in a wide variety of areas. Because no physical contact is required between objects being scanned and the test equipment, it can be used during normal operations of the facility. This allows the thermographer to pinpoint trouble spots with no interruptions of service.
Typical Applications

Electrical System Survey- Infrared can indicate conditions such as loose and dirty connections, over heating transformers, insulation breakdown, and circuit breaker over heating.

Mechanical System Survey- Scan bearings on pumps, compressors, blowers, and checking for excessive heat buildup in mechanical equipment.

Steam System Survey- Inspect for insulation breakdown, and proper operation of steam traps and condensate piping. Restricted lines and valves that are not fully seated can also be detected.

Valve Leakage- Due to variations in temperature, Infrared inspections can identify valve leakage because of resulting refrigeration. This can increase plant/pipeline efficiencies by identifying and eliminating product losses from both leakage to atmosphere and leakage around measurement equipment.

Refractory Failure Survey- Inspect refractory furnaces and smoke stacks while in operation for heat loss due to insulation and structural deterioration, also locate heat losses in large ovens and furnaces for improved safety and economy.

Building Heat Loss Survey- Indicate the heat loss patterns for buildings and other structures to reduce operating cost.

These are but a few of the many applications where an infrared survey can be used to identify problem areas in a facility.

The report provided by our technicians, with hard copy thermograms and visuals of all findings provide an excellent tool for scheduling repairs. The visual and thermal images make it easy for follow up crews to locate the exact location of the problems and prioritize them. Repair work can then be scheduled to accommodate the production schedule, parts can be ordered in advance avoiding unnecessary down time. Using infrared to detect just one potential failure can more than pay for the cost of the survey for your entire facility.

The information gathered will also be retained by our technician along with your hard copy images. This way, repeated or similar findings can be tracked and monitored from survey to survey.

We also offer a reduced follow up rate. Once repairs have been made, we will return to you facility to re-inspect those items. This verifies the corrective actions were effective.

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