Our main goal is to ensure that your plant is getting what it paid for thereby increasing your energy efficiency and to help pipelines and utilities in balancing their systems by eliminating lost and unaccounted for volumes.

Kirkland Measurement Services, another division of Kirkland Energy Services, Inc., has been formed by measurement professionals in energy and process related industries. KMS was created to offer expertise to aid industries in their measurement needs by optimizing systems to eliminate inefficiencies, thereby reducing operating costs.

We are a company that provides services for the oil and gas industry in measurement related fields.  Using the most economic means available makes Kirkland Measurement Services unique in the industry.  KMS utilizes resources in such a way that inaccuracies are eliminated without unnecessary capital expenditures and extensive man power requirements.  Kirkland Measurement Services remains committed to the confidentiality of all client information.


KMS will provide measurement systems experts who are proficient in measurement auditing to thoroughly check your present system(s) and procedures to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. This type of audit will determine the quality of your measurement and steps that you need to take for improvement. Some examples of checks made during an audit are:

1.  Gather historical test reports (typically 12 - 24 months), for all receipt and delivery locations.
     Recalculate error adjustments and compare to clients billing records to ensure client has received
     adjustment on bill to coincide with error found during equipment testing.

2.  Perform audits on all station delivery and receipts to determine if measurement equipment is installed
     correctly and operating properly. This excludes residential house meters, but can be included if client
     so chooses.

3.  Create Periodic Balances for system last 12 months, frequency of balance will depend on accuracy and
     availability of historical data.

4.  Gather historical daily receipt and delivery volumes. (MCF and MMBTU, Daily and hourly if available.)

5.  Gather historical sample analysis for station receipts and deliveries to verify Btu accuracy. Determine if
     sample frequencies and procedures are adequate.

6.  Compile data and chart system balance to identify inconsistencies.

7.  Check to see if system can be broken down into mini systems to capture imbalances/lost and
     unaccounted for gas.

8.  Monitor line pack / line fill.

9.  Verify that all flow computer programs are correct.

10. Check test frequencies to determine if measurement equipment error would warrant testing frequencies
      be increased.

11. Field observations-Create Reports of findings and recommend solutions.

 Using experience in the field of system balancing to determine where imbalances are occurring,KMS will make recommendations based on the client's present system, budget restraints, to reduce and eliminate system imbalances using the most cost-effective means available. This includes, but is not limited to, developing over/short data gathering and archiving systems. Also, determine when and where to split/collapse systems, where to place effective check metering and to explore any other options to improve system balances.

KMS will provide training courses for your technicians on items including but not limited to the following : Key components of measurement, calculating error, proper measurement calibration procedures, transmitter calibration, proper sampling procedures,equipment bias, flow and pressure control, various flow computer procedures. In addition to technician training, we offer specialized training for your system managers such as flow weighted averaging, trending data, chart and graph analysis, how to set up a measurement system, how to develop and use historical data to determine where to focus resources, as well as many others. Full list of courses offered available upon request. KMS believes accurate measurement can only be achieved and maintained through proper thought processes in addition to following established testing procedures.
Contract Services
 Over/Short Data Input and Monitoring: KMS will develop and maintain balance sheets to help spot trends and spikes that adversely affect systems balances.  This information in turn will be utilized to direct manpower in areas that are needed most, rather than hit or miss "schedule" checks to locate errors. If desired, KMS will provide client-billing services, which will include arbitration if discrepancies occur. Close monitoring of client systems will reduce and ultimately eliminate prior period billing adjustments. Measurement system balances will be resolved within five business days after the end of a billing cycle. Bar Graph
Line Graph  Complete Over/Short Services: KMS will provide manpower to analyze data, develop trend sheets, and generate reports periodically, as customer desires. Depending on client system capabilities, reports will be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
 Troubleshooting: KMS will provide field service technicians to locate and correct or make recommendations to client for correcting error associated with field equipment. also, activities including testing, electronic flow measurement (Flow Computers) configuration checks, tube inspections, etc, will be performed. Storage box
Station  Measurement Installations: KMS has the capability to provide tools, manpower and equipment for measurement installations as needed by client. KMS offers assistance in designing measurement facilities, ordering equipment, facility installation and maintenance, as needed by client.

 Station Testing: KMS will conduct station testing and calibration activities for clients measurement facilities. This include error archives to determine optimum test frequencies.

Calibration Witnessing: KMS provides calibration witnessing in all types of custody transfer measurement.

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